Bitcoin kan


BitKan is a tool and application platform focusing on bitcoin. It is released as an official APP of BitKan Website, owning the largest number of users within the industry in China. It makes a feature of OTC trading service, as well as price viewing, news reading, mining monitoring, price warning and E-Wallet services, etc.
BitKan OTC Trading , the “Uber in Bitcoin”, has been officially introduced to the stage and shipped both on Android and iOS. Promo Broker Rate low to :0.1%, and for our general users, every trade is free. You can can purchase, sell and store Bitcoins in a very fast, convenient and safe way

OTC Trading

Users exchange for free Promo Broker Rate: 0.1%. Most simple fast and convenient way to bay &sell bitcoins.

Real-Time Price

Real-time price of nearly 30 exchanges from all over the world, you won’t miss any market.

News Reading

Refresh all industry news at the first time, and press as well.

Mining Monitor

Mining Monitor Calculation